E Commerce: how to find the perfect resource for managing your Company E Commerce

E Commerce: how to find the perfect resource for managing your Company E Commerce

June 18 2020 Human resources

The pandemic that hit not only Italy, but also the whole world has put traditional trade in crisis. The devastating mix of stores closed for months, together with the social distancing to be adopted at the time of reopening, can have devastating effects for every business.

Everyone asks themselves a series of questions: will people want to queue to enter a shop? What can be opened? How will the market change? Answering these questions is difficult, but what is certain is that you can no longer hope to survive with a simple physical store. The time has come, for those who have never done so, to invest heavily inonline shopping.

L'And Commerce it is one of the very few sectors that has not been affected by this crisis and indeed, Amazon continues to grind record profits. But to be successful in the world ofonline shopping it is essential to contact a person who is able to understand market trends and take the business to the next level, and this person is theAnd Commerce Manager.

L'And Commerce Manager is the professional figure who will be responsible for managing the wholeAnd Commerce of the company, and to make it perform at 100%. He will be responsible for the platform to work on (better a online shopping owned or rely on large marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay?), customer contact, marketing management and promotions.

L'And Commerce Manager he must also correctly manage the SEO of the descriptions together with his team.

In short, almost everything passes into the hands of this manager, who must attract as many people as possible to the & #8217;online shopping business and sell more and more products.

But how to find a resource that can bring l & #8217;And Commerce business at the highest level?

It is not at all easy, because the ideal candidate for this job must have extraordinary qualities. He must know the basics of economics and marketing, and understand in advance the possible market trends and be able to plan the best strategy for each product.

Is it better to be aggressive marketing or to gently stimulate the customer's desire to try that product? Is it better to sell many products at lower prices (focusing on quantity), or better focusing on quality?

It is also essential for this job to be able to coordinate a team of professionals, trying to put each person in the best position to take advantage of their skills and also to quickly solve all the problems that may occur.

Also, and perhaps this must be the best feature of theAnd Commerce Manager, it is essential that this person has a constant desire to learn and improve, given that theonline shopping it is constantly expanding and new interesting trends and products are always emerging.

It will not be easy to find a person with these characteristics, but if you do, then yours And Commerce it will not be affected by the global pandemic.

The selection of the right And Commerce Manager can finally grow your online sales exponentially.

Within the Business Management database, we have selected some of the best ones And Commerce Manager Nationals and Europeans, contact us now for a Free Consultation!


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