What is resilience and why will it be fundamental to extend our Comfort zone to return to the company?

What is resilience and why will it be fundamental to extend our Comfort zone to return to the company?

July 16, 2020 Human resources

During this period we often talked about the concept of resiliency, indicating it as one of the fundamental principles to be taken as an example for restarting your business.

But what does this word mean, and how does it relate to comfort zone of a person and his professional training?

It defines itself resiliency in the field of psychology the ability of people to be able to cope with traumatic events in a positive way, giving way to a particularly flourishing period.

A clear example of resiliency it occurs after the epidemic of the Black Plague of 1300, which gave way to the historical period known as the Renaissance.

There Resilience it is the best testimony to people's ability to get out of their own comfort zone to improve, learn new skills and experiment with new approaches to your business or life.

For comfort zone in fact, a particular situation is defined (which can be work or personal) where people feel comfortable, safe, and feel no anxiety at all.

Who lives in the comfort zone appreciates his daily routine, always having to do the usual things and the few changes that arise. Living in this area can be pleasant and peaceful, but an unexpected change or a completely new situation is enough to send these people into great crisis, and Covid-19 has literally shocked the comfort zone of all Italians.

In fact, people found themselves unprepared for the epidemic, they had to radically change their habits, work differently, give up many things, and all of a sudden, without a transition phase that could prepare them adequately. This has generated fear, the search for a simple answer to a complex question, the need to find a culprit quickly and the rapid propagation of increasingly bizarre conspiracy theories.

But it is precisely in an uncertain situation like this that it is necessary to rely on resiliency and turn what happened into a growing situation. How? By relying on professional training, learning new useful, if not fundamental, professional skills in this moment of remote work.

There professional training the company therefore has the delicate task of training workers to be able to work in a profoundly changed and very different labor market from that which existed even only in January 2020.

It is not easy to get out of your own comfort zone, and it can be very scary to be forced to change quickly, but it is in these moments that you need to rely on your own resiliency and right professional training.

There are many unexplored earnings opportunities and new needs to be met in this period, and the training that will be received will allow the company to identify them and start again in the best way in a difficult period for everyone.

Getting out of your habits and experimenting is the basis of progress, and only in this way can you progress.

Business Management is the answer to your search for professional training for your collaborators and coaching activities to support your Staff when you return to the Company.


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