Family and work in post Covid19: how to reconcile them after months of upheaval?

Family and work in post Covid19: how to reconcile them after months of upheaval?

July 23, 2020 Human resources

Knowing how to reconcile family and work it has never been easy, especially for those in important management roles or for those who travel a lot.

Spending a lot of time away from home is never easy, there are several occasions in which to spend time with your partner or children, and it is not uncommon to go home too tired or "bringing worries home", being irritable and not very prone to human relationship.

The Coronavirus epidemic has prevented many people from making their usual journey home and work, forcing them (if you can say so) to do Smart Working.

Suddenly the time spent at home has become a lot, and this has caused an upheaval in many people. How is it possible to reconcile family and work in the delicate transition period after quarantine, and what they can do soft skills to improve this situation?


As already said, it has never been easy to be able to dedicate the same time to family and work, even if you have had the opportunity to do Smart Working.

Working from home in a professional way in fact requires the same energy that is used when working in the office, with the 100% of attention and without any distraction. It is therefore difficult to pay attention to the family even if you are at home.

It is therefore evident that, to balance properly home and work it is absolutely necessary to work on your own soft skills and establish specific rules that cannot in any way be broken.

The rules can clearly vary depending on the situation you are in family and work, and are intended to clearly define the boundaries between home and work.

For example, establish a time when it is absolutely not possible to be disturbed because you are working (exactly as the writer Stephen King does), or establish the role that each family member has in order not to slow down work and allow you to finish it in a short time .

But it's the soft skills to make a difference and to allow to reconcile correctly family and work. But what are these soft skills?

There are many, and they are fundamental to reconcile home and work, or even life in general.

  • Autonomy: The ability to work by taking initiatives and without having to be constantly guided by someone.
  • Confidence in own means: Not to be confused with pride, it is one of the soft skills more important, since it makes you aware of your abilities.
  • Adaptability: In life, both at work and everyday, those who adapt to various changes survive.
  • Knowing how to cope with stress: Even if you work at home, stress is always around the corner. Knowing how to maintain control in these situations is essential.
  • Knowing how to communicate: Communication is fundamental, both in the family and at work. Knowing how to give clear directions and speak well is fundamental in our society.


Mastering these soft skills it will be possible to reconcile in the best way home and work.

The soft skills they can be developed thanks to a targeted path, if you want your team to improve this type of skills, contact us in Business Management, together we will build a path to equip each of your collaborators with the most suitable soft skills for their well-being.


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