Career development

Business Management Carriera

Career Development (Career Upgrade)

This project aims to help all those who need to develop their professional profile, in order to improve their performance or seek new opportunities on the market. All this is carried out through a consultancy / assistance path divided into different phases:

  1. Analysis of the current situation

It is the first phase, where through an interview with the specialized professional, the previous experiences are evaluated, the current ones, the strengths and weaknesses are identified, sharing the initiatives to be implemented in the medium and long term


  1. Personal characteristics and competences

In this phase, consisting of an interview, the professional draws a personal profile of skills and characteristics, giving a more precise picture of his profile

3 ) Budget (Strengths and Weaknesses)

It is the phase in which what has already been summarized is summarized, the positive aspects are valued, and the critical points are highlighted; an action plan is prepared for the strengthening and overcoming of the emerged shortcomings

  1. Curriculum vitaeTo help the professional set the new career path, it is essential to communicate to others their skills in a clear and precise way, in this case the preparation of an exhaustive CV is an important vehicle to allow the various interlocutors present on the market to evaluate in a manner consistent with the professional profile of the professional.
  2. Market Analysis

It will be important, after analyzing the profile, to know the reference market to which to present its candidacy, in this phase the different scenarios and areas on which to act and address the most appropriate profiles will be analyzed.

  1. Communicative style

After having analyzed the reference market, it will be opportune to carry out, through interviews, an appropriate analysis on the communicative style of the professional, putting in place corrective actions deemed necessary (leadership, communicating in public, management of the job interview) if necessary

  1. Career Training

The path closes with an assessment of future developments and initiatives to be implemented to improve, in the light of what emerged during the various phases, one's own performance or profile with respect to new opportunities

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