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Alessandro Esposito Relish


"BManagement gave us the support we needed at a delicate moment in the growth of our company, when we decided to concentrate on expanding abroad".

The talking is Alessandro Esposito, holder of Relish, mark of clothing and accessories for women by Nola, former co-founder of the well-known fashion brand Phard together with the three brothers. A successful entrepreneur for years in a leading sector of the Made in Italy, that of fashion. Founded in 2008 in Nola, today Relish is a company that invoices around 15 million euros and employs 30 people. At the moment, the distribution strategy does not include single-brand stores, but the Relish brand brands are distributed in two thousand multi-brand stores worldwide. "We turned to Armando Aliperti - continues Esposito - precisely because we were looking for a key figure in our international development strategy, that of the commercial director. Usually we don't give in outsourcing the search for human resources, but for such a crucial figure we have decided to contact Armando Aliperti, a professional very introduced in the market, who knows our market segment very well. And the facts have proved us right ", says Esposito. “Armando confirmed its ability to interpret our needs and surprised us with determination and tenacity. After the relationship with the first professional was not successful, Aliperti stood by and went on with his research until he identified the person who was later revealed to be winning choice, with which the collaboration took off ”.


"We were looking for a complex figure to find and sought after, a pattern maker. In the fashion sector it is a very technical and fundamental resource. BManagement succeeded where many competitors, including international ones, would have failed".

So he tells Paolo Di Capua, general manager of PFCMNASpA, which is part of the women's clothing brand FRACOMINA. The group achieved net sales of 30 million euros in 2016, registering a 30 percent increase over the previous two years. The distribution strategy is focused on the multi-brand channel with 750 customers in Italy and 500 abroad. This is accompanied by the Fracomina brand, with ten stores in our country and as many in the world. "In the last period, the fashion companies of Southern Italy are the focus of attention from head hunters, even international big players, who contact us to offer their services because ours is a sector that "holds" despite the crises economic. I usually make the selection directly, but there are cases in which the research is complex, also due to the lack of infrastructure in the area where companies are concentrated in Nola". Because then you have decided to turn to the BManagement by Armando Aliperti? "Armando not only knows the territory perfectly, but also has the advantage of knowing how to move both by putting himself in the shoes of the entrepreneur, what he is, and in those of the human resources. Not only: having a professional like Aliperti on your side means relying on someone who is willing to generously share certain aspects of his know how".

Fracomina Paolo di Capua

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