Armando Aliperti CEO & Founder

Business Management

Our history from 2002 to today


Our beginning

Business Management was born in 2002 as a company of Management Consulting and Business Organization under the patronage of Armando Aliperti, Neapolitan, a degree in Economics and Commerce, a Masters in Human Resources, many years of corporate experience in the field HR and an innovative business project to be implemented. The Company will later become, in 2004, Agency authorized for the activities of Personnel selection.

The first results

Business Management begins to coordinate Companies of the major national industrial centers, from the Interporto di Nola, to the Centergross of Bologna, up to select professional profiles for the most important brand international, thus assuming thecurrent strategic role for the growth and development of the best corporate organizations.


Business Management is, in fact, today an established reality in the selection of personnel thanks to a philosophy inspired by competence, the satisfaction of client companies and the optimization of processes.

Dedicated studies show the need, for any company, to strengthen their own core business through strategic policies, putting human resources first.

The future

The companies that come to our company are medium and large, reaching turnover of up to 300 million euros; with these realities Business Management works to identify the skills they need and on this basis is able to attract, motivate, select and place the best possible candidates, guaranteeing the right people for their business and planning future business strategies.

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