Career Strategy Building course

Career Strategy Building course

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Form 1Self evaluation (self Assessment)

  • It is important to know exactly who you are.
  • What is the meaning of self assessment tests?
  • How to interpret the tests
  • How to use tests in designing your career strategy
  • Here are some popular free online tests.
  • These are my tests, on which you will have my feedback.

Module 2Define your values and goals

  • Your values and goals are the first reference to set up your career.
  • Define what is important to you and what you believe in.
  • Define where you want to go and why.

Module 3Identify the skills (Hard Skills), the transversal skills and the experience

  • Understand what you are good at, what you like to do.
  • Define your specific technical knowledge at best.
  • You will learn the best way to describe your work.
  • You learn to value diplomas, degrees and certifications.

Module 4Personal branding

  • You will learn to become your own marketing manager.
  • You will develop the ability to build a brand that makes you recognizable to colleagues and employers.
  • You will learn to communicate your personal brand in a winning way.

Module 5Marketing yourself

  • You will learn that besides the CV, you have to produce material to spread your name and your personal brand.
  • I'll explain how to create the material.
  • You will learn which channels to use to distribute your marketing material.

Module 6Practice to deal with job interviews and evaluationsthe

  • You will learn how to support your job interview, based on the different types of interlocutors.
  • You will learn to manage verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • You will learn to interpret the psychology of the recruiter or head-hunter.

Acquiring self-assessment skills is one of the main dimensions within which to insert all personal development plans. Defining one's own goals, passing, first of all, from the conscious identification of one's own values, allows to make the former coherent with the latter, therefore more similar to the individual personal characteristics. Each career goal must fit into a framework that is consistent with the narrative of its existence. Only at this point are the subsequent stages of development and enhancement of one's own skills and abilities entered. Of course, the whole preparatory phase would be frustrated without an adequate capacity for intelligent self-promotion. In this sense, personal branding cannot be missing from a path that wants to be truly strategic for those who take advantage of it. The last phase is that related to the "grounding" of the notions learned, through practical tests and exercises that allow those who have taken part in the course to strengthen the awareness of their own means, experimenting it in conversations and tests.

Giuseppe Andò: C-level & Executive Coach

Giuseppe Andò began his career as manager in the publishing industry.

After directing the Professional and Medical Division and being Marketing Supervisor for all divisions, he becomes General Manager of McGraw-Hill.

As Executive Coaching it helps managers to better interpret their role.

In 2000 he founded Studio Income Srl, a leading company in Italy specializing in "Executive Coaching, Strategy & Organization". From 2005 to 2010 he led the acquisition and merger of Paravia - Bruno Mondadori into Pearson Italia. In 2010 he founded Fineo Srl, a new reality focused on CEO Advisory and Coaching. In September 2017 Giuseppe joined the Marshall Goldsmith Network. Since January 2018, Giuseppe has been a Board Member of EMCC Italia (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) and collaborates with Business Management as C-level & Executive Coach

  • Company employees
  • Freelancers
  • Manager
  • Entrepreneurs

The training course is divided into 5 webinars lasting 60min.

First session date: September 21, 2020

Schedule: post-work

The cost of the course is € 149,00 + VAT.

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