Ceo Interchange

Business Management Alternanza Generazionale

Generational replacement

The succession of the CEO is the most important responsibility of the Board of Directors, which makes the support of professionals in this extremely delicate phase essential.

We guarantee the perfect transition to a new CEO, fully qualified and completely ready to take the helm. Thanks to the involvement of our most experienced consultants, business management offers the right support, through a thorough knowledge of the best practices at a global level, in fulfilling this crucial responsibility of the Board of Directors. By collaborating with your Board of Directors, we facilitate a constructive and informed discussion, we help you define the characteristics of the candidates for the succession, we provide rigorous assessments of the candidates, internal and external, we offer advice when selecting the CEO and we support the latter to integrate successfully into the role.

Role definition:

For an effective succession of the CEO, it is crucial to specify its role rigorously and precisely. In helping you to specify the role of the CEO and the selection criteria, we base a rigorous method with a high touch approach. Our consultants conduct structured interviews with each member of the Board and with the other main stakeholders to arrive at a clear and shared picture of the challenges that the next CEO will have to face. We work alongside you to carry out a weighted quantification of the necessary leadership characteristics.


We help you carefully evaluate candidates for succession in relation to your specific needs. We explore the candidate's career, motivations, ambitions and results, and perform a comparative assessment to measure, methodically, the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. We are also able to assess leadership potential using a unique methodology that allows us to simulate the behavior of potential leaders in new and more demanding management roles and identify potential related risks.

Talent mapping:

Developing and maintaining a vast map of external talent requires a strong research capacity, a wide range and a close contact with the market, what the Business Management consultants are able to provide to your Board of Directors. Talent mapping is a continuous process, based on updating candidates and monitoring their careers, as business needs are updated.

Integration of the new CEO:

Our consultants help the new CEO quickly achieve a positive impact. The key elements of a successful CEO integration generally include: assuming operational leadership; take responsibility for the team; align with stakeholder objectives; engage with culture; build a strategic goal. Our CEO integration services greatly improve both the CEO and company performance.

The importance of our help:

Business Management offers unparalleled knowledge by offering access to qualified candidates. Our consultants generally have successful careers as business executives before entering the research and selection of executives, and therefore are able to bring solid and pragmatic perspectives to your Board of Directors. Our integrated model is able to predict the readiness and potential of candidates with considerable accuracy. Our CEO succession services are fully customizable. Together with the Board of Directors we work on solutions that respond to the succession needs of your company's CEO.

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