In Smart Working time, how to motivate the team remotely?

July 2, 2020 Human resources

The Covid-19 epidemic in Italy has radically changed the perception of work, quickly introducing (according to many, even too quickly) the concept of Smart ...

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Product Manager: Planning objectives and strategies necessary for product marketing is of primary importance

June 25, 2020 Human resources

When planning to launch a product on the market, there are many market analyzes that must be addressed by the company's analyst team and ...

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E Commerce: how to find the perfect resource for managing your Company E Commerce

June 18 2020 Human resources

The pandemic that hit not only Italy, but also the whole world has put traditional trade in crisis. The devastating mix of shops ...

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Innovation Manager: What an Innovation Manager does and why it is essential to have him in the company

June 11, 2020 Human resources

We are experiencing a moment that will remain written forever in the history of the world, a moment full of epochal changes for us and for every business, ...

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Smart Working: how to organize your company to take advantage of smart working opportunities

June 4 2020 Human resources

The Coronavirus epidemic in Italy has forced several companies to radically change their way of doing business and business organization, encouraging the use of teleworking, ...

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Business Management restarts with you

May 15, 2020 Human resources

Meetings with client companies start again for many new job opportunities Like many Italian companies, Business Management has started again! Coronavirus ...

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Fashion sector and Coronavirus: problems and solutions

April 26, 2020 Human resources

Business Management is ready with its restart strategies in the fashion sector. Years of experience at the service of a rich and productive sector.

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Business Coaching and economic recovery

March 31, 2020 Human resources

Business Management participates in the digital solidarity project with free coaching meetings In this complicated historical moment, the fear of Coronavirus is not ...

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Even the wrong time can become the right time

March 22, 2020 Human resources

Coronavirus is taking away our health and even our hopes. But there is a whole world that has activated itself to give some light to those who have been out of work

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The world of work in the vision of adults

March 8 2020 Human resources

Great genius entrepreneurs and lessons to learn how to be. The most famous phrases that explain the human characteristics of those who are destined for success.

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Work stress: you can fight it!

February 27, 2020 Human resources, Without category

An increasingly widespread malaise, especially in poorly organized and poorly managed contexts Work stress is a very bad scourge of our times. Contexts ...

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Campania companies: excellent work in 2019

February 14, 2020 Human resources

Finally a positive year for Campania companies. The food sector is growing, which is finally reorganizing itself

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Top Employers 2020: the HR excellences certified this year

February 3 2020 Human resources

Top Employers certified companies must be an example to follow because a correct HR policy can be applied in any situation

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Dream job is & #8220; fashion & #8221;

January 15, 2020 Human resources

In Naples and its province, fashion is a flagship. That's why even HR experts know this world well!

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Leadership and emotional intelligence

In the era of soft skills, even the entrepreneur becomes a leader by investing in empathy and emotion. Surely good entrepreneurs were leaders when there was still no talk of ...

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Positivity and commitment: these are the keywords of Business Management for 2020

12 December 2019 Human resources

New targets and personnel selections increasingly effective! 2019 was a year of growth for the world of personnel and Human Resources selection and, ...

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Gender Gap - Part 2. When the role of mother coincides with that of manager

6 December 2019 Human resources

Stories of successful mothers and managers show that the gender gap is a social scourge. Fighting it is the goal of those in charge of Human Resources

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Gender Gap: a mentality problem and a missed opportunity

28 November 2019 Human resources

women are still discriminated against in the labor market and the gender gap continues to be a problem that undermines and penalizes female qualities

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How to "conquer" a high profile

22 November 2019 Human resources

It is often the professional who chooses a company and not vice versa. What to offer to "conquer" the resource of your dreams?

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L & #8217: evolution of trades and new forms of research and selection

14 November 2019 Human resources, Without category

Old (and curious) trades that disappear and new ways of selecting the personnel they serve

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