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Dream job is & #8220; fashion & #8221;

January 15, 2020 Human resources

In Naples and its province, fashion is a flagship. That's why even HR experts know this world well!

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Leadership and emotional intelligence

In the era of soft skills, even the entrepreneur becomes a leader by investing in empathy and emotion. Surely good entrepreneurs were leaders when there was still no talk of ...

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Positivity and commitment: these are the keywords of Business Management for 2020

12 December 2019 Human resources

New goals and selections of staff increasingly effective! 2019 was a year of growth for the world of personnel selection and Human Resources and, ...

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Gender Gap - Part 2. When the role of mother coincides with that of manager

6 December 2019 Human resources

Stories of successful mothers and managers show that the gender gap is a social scourge. Fighting it is the goal of those in charge of Human Resources

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Gender Gap: a mentality problem and a missed opportunity

28 November 2019 Human resources

women are still discriminated against in the labor market and the gender gap continues to be a problem that undermines and penalizes female qualities

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How to "conquer" a high profile

22 November 2019 Human resources

It is often the professional who chooses a company and not vice versa. What to offer to "conquer" the resource of your dreams?

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Naples reports Campania among the growing regions by number of companies and turnover

8 November 2019 Human resources

Positive data for IT, aerospace sector and start-up For years Campania has been associated with declining turnover, companies forced to close, unemployment ...

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Manager hunt

It seems that job advertisements always respond less and less to figures in line with managerial profiles. Why? Untraceable managers! It seems that this is more and more a ...

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Dream Office Vs. Office & #8220; from film & #8221;

18 October 2019 Human resources

Office life in movies and in reality. How to avoid situations already seen in the cinema

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The importance of Human Resources in a growing labor market

10 October 2019 Human resources

Data on the labor market in Italy and the evolution of human resources

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