Objective responsibilities of Business Management Srl and its Users browsers

The contents of the bmanagement.net portal are prepared with the utmost accuracy by Business Management Srl and subjected to careful control by the Management. A Business Management Srl has the mere objective liability of the contents; however, Business Management Srl declines any responsibility, direct or indirect, towards Users, and in general of any third party, for any delays, inaccuracies, errors, omissions, damages (direct, indirect, consequent, punishable and punishable) arising from improper use, unsuitable and unauthorized of the aforementioned contents.

The material published in bmanagement.net was collected through various sources. The users of the portal in question are held responsible for any improper and illegal use of the information contained therein. If material protected by copyright and / or copyright is found, Business Management Srl will refer to the relevant reports to provide for removal.

Business Management Srl guarantees that the bmanagement.net portal is protected by software that intercepts and eradicates computer viruses, but does not guarantee the results.

The images on this portal are free from copyright and therefore evaluated and held in the public domain, or provided to Business Management Srl by sector consultants and technicians.

We will not be held responsible for direct and / or indirect facts and damages that may result to the user and / or third parties from errors, from the lawful or unlawful use of the site's content and other sites reachable through hypertext links (including links, hypertext, banner advertising, etc.), as well as the completeness and truthfulness of the information displayed through certain links.

Use of logos and images

The images and logos present in the portfolio have been authorized directly by the interested parties with the signing of the authorization to process personal data or represent the references of "Men and organizations with which we have come into contact", both as suppliers of research and selection services , both as CV analysts who collect references from the companies represented by the same logos and for which we have received authorization for data processing.

If the interested parties wish to cancel their presence on the portal, it is sufficient to send a communication to this email: retail@bmanagement.net with subject: removal of the logo and name.

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