Executive Search

Executive search

Search and Selection of Personnel

The methodology and the tools developed by Business Management allow to satisfy any requirement of personnel of its customers, regardless of the sector in which they operate.
Thanks to many years of experience in the field of human resources each
staffing needs can be quickly met beyond the desired task.
A company organization, by its nature, in fact requires human resources that know how to translate company objectives into tangible and valid results, in order to allow the company itself to acquire competitiveness in the reference market.
We are proud to be able to always affirm that we reach the objectives set by our customers.

The Business Management staff has implemented a search and selection procedure capable of collecting the best candidates, thanks to optimal skills mapping processes, by analyzing both the transversal and technical aspects of the candidates.

Recruiting methodology and techniques are developed by virtue of the needs of each company, adapting to the specifications of each individual customer and the sector of reference, like a tailored suit.
Each company is followed up to the choice of the legal status for the insertion of the resource within the staff, in order to evaluate the outcome of the selection both from the point of view of the client and the candidate.

The company can respond promptly to requests for personnel throughout the national territory thanks to the applications that it daily collects and receives from the provinces of reference, as well as direct connection with the National Labor Exchange: in addition, partnerships with third parties operating in the same sector represent a further strength in the management and analysis of resource skills, all aimed at satisfactory interconnection between job demand and supply.


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