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Gender Gap - Part 2. When the role of mother coincides with that of manager

6 December 2019 Human resources

Stories of successful mothers and managers show that the gender gap is a social scourge. Fighting it is the goal of those in charge of Human Resources

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Gender Gap: a mentality problem and a missed opportunity

28 November 2019 Human resources

women are still discriminated against in the labor market and the gender gap continues to be a problem that undermines and penalizes female qualities

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How to "conquer" a high profile

22 November 2019 Human resources

It is often the professional who chooses a company and not vice versa. What to offer to "conquer" the resource of your dreams?

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L & #8217: evolution of trades and new forms of research and selection

14 November 2019 Without category

Old (and curious) trades that disappear and new ways of selecting the personnel they serve

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The importance of Human Resources in a growing labor market

10 October 2019 Human resources

Data on the labor market in Italy and the evolution of human resources

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The professional opportunities and research of recruiters in the Finance area

29 July 2019 Human resources

In summer, companies pause, but recruiters don't stop! Missing in September, the month of restart, and the new ...

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From father to son: the generational shift and its many possibilities

8 July 2019 Human resources

In many corporate contexts where the entrepreneur is the founder or a direct descendant of the same, the generational shift can represent a significant point of ...

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How to attract the ideal profile in a search for personnel

24 June 2019 Human resources

The personnel selection specialists and the winning tools to support a more effective recruitment Dr. Susanna Martino, Psychologist of the ...

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Human Resources: professional work!

21 February 2018 Human resources
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