Terms and conditions

These general conditions constitute an integral and substantial part as well as discipline of the contract (hereinafter also & #8220; Contract or Order & #8221;) for supply by BUSINESS MANAGEMENT to the Customer of short-term interactive online seminars (below Webinar) required by Customer based on a course catalog viewable on the site BUSINESS MANAGEMENT & #8211; www.bmanagement.net - below Platform & #8211; and delivered by BUSINESS MANAGEMENT to the learners indicated by the Client or the client himself.
1.2. These conditions are valid and effective for all customers whether they are -

  • Customers & #8211; consumers, for whom we mean a natural person who purchases a single access for private use and is the direct user (learner) below, the Consumer Customer)
  • Professional Customers, for whom we mean any person who purchases multiple simultaneous accesses and is in any case a different subject from the natural person who purchases a single access (hereinafter the Professional Customer)
  • The Consumer Customer together with the Professional Customer for the commonly applied forecasts will be more generically defined Customer.

The characteristics of the Webinar or the date, time, price, the target of the participants and the profile of the teachers are information that will be entered, from time to time, on special presentation cards that can be viewed before the purchase procedure in the events section. Webinar.
1.4.1 For the Customer, registration for a webinar must be made exclusively online on the Platform.
The contract will be considered concluded, and therefore effective and binding between the parties from the moment the Customer has paid for the course.
The contract will be considered concluded, therefore effective and binding between the parties.
Multiple registrations of the same body to the same webinar require a single invoice, made out to a single client
1.5 In the event of registration for the webinar for multiple users, the data (including e-mail address) of all subjects who will participate in the webinar will be an essential prerequisite for participation.
Consequently, BUSINESS MANAGEMENT will send the link and the access instructions to the e-mail addresses indicated.

Fee & #8211; In order to be able to access the Webinar chosen in the Order, the Customer must pay BUSINESS MANAGEMENT the corresponding fee to the extent indicated in the information sheet of the webinar itself, which can be viewed on the Platform -. The fee referred to in this article, as specified in the Price List, is net of VAT and any other legal charges.

In addition to the rules specified herein, the ORDER will be governed by the General Conditions relating to invoicing and payments provided for by the Administrative Regulations; they form an integral and substantial part of this contract.
Payments can be made to BUSINESS MANAGEMENT through:
Direct circuit PayPal also with credit card.
By placing an order, the Customer & #8211; Discente declares to have read all the information provided during the purchase procedure and to fully accept the General and Payment Conditions transcribed below by selecting the appropriate flag in the dedicated section.
In the event of registration of several participants in the Webinar, the Customer undertakes to communicate to each individual user all the information necessary for participation in the Webinar.

Webinar delivery methods and conditions
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, upon receipt of the payment notification from the PayPal system, will send a copy of the order made to the #8217 email address entered by the customer. The link to participate in the webinar will be sent according to the start date of the relative course.
You can register up to 3 days before the scheduled Webinar date.
The Webinar will take place on the day and time indicated in the presentation form. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT reserves the right to modify the date and time, as well as to cancel the initiative due to the occurrence of serious technical problems or failure to reach the minimum number of participants necessary for regular use, giving prior communication to the Customer, through email or by telephone contact. In case of modification of the date or cancellation of the Webinar, BUSINESS MANAGEMENT undertakes to set a new date and promptly communicate it to the Customer or to return the amount paid by the Customer for non-usability.
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT reserves the right to modify the panel of teachers at its unquestionable judgment and without prior communication to the Customer, without prejudice to the commitment to guarantee compliance with the issues indicated in the presentation sheet of the Webinar, as well as professional expertise and competence of the chosen teachers.
At the end of the Webinar, the Customer will receive a certificate of participation at the indicated email address. It is specified that participation in the Webinar does not provide training credits unless specifically expressed and does not constitute a professional qualification title for the Customer.


Service Interruption & #8211; BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, in addition to the hypothesis of unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, will have the right to interrupt the provision of the Webinar purchased by the Customer, giving immediate communication to the Customer via the web or by any other form chosen by BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, if there are well-founded reasons for believe that security and / or protection of privacy rights issues may arise.
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT unilaterally defines the appropriate procedures for accessing the Webinars and reserves the unquestionable right to be able to improve and change them at any time in order to increase their efficiency.
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT undertakes to do everything in its power to provide the service on an ongoing basis but does not offer any guarantee that it will not be subject to suspensions and interruptions and declines all responsibility for any Customer claims relating to the #8217; impossibility, for any reason , of the use of the service itself.
The information and material supporting the Webinar are processed and updated with accuracy, completeness and adequacy: no guarantee, neither expressed nor implied, is provided for any errors, omissions and / or inaccuracies in the information and material or in the results they obtain .
Neither BUSINESS MANAGEMENT nor the teachers can be the subject of claims attributable to errors, omissions and / or inaccuracies regarding the information and / or material contained in the courses, nor can they be held responsible for any direct and / or indirect, particular and / or damage incidental and / or consequential due to & #8217; use of such information and material.

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT cannot be held responsible towards the Customer, except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence, for the disservices or malfunctions connected with the provision of training services. Therefore, failure to participate in the Webinar for technical problems not attributable, for willful misconduct or gross negligence, to BUSINESS MANAGEMENT will not entitle the refund of the amount paid.
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT cannot be held in breach of its obligations or responsible for damages deriving from the Customer consequent to the failure to provide all or part of the training services for causes beyond the sphere of its foreseeable control, including, by way of example, hacker attacks, fires, natural disasters, lack of energy, unavailability of telephone connection lines or other network service providers, malfunction of computers and other electronic devices, even if they are not an integral part of the Internet, malfunction of the software installed by the User, as well as by actions of other users or other people with access to the network, if all this depends exclusively on the Customer's failure to meet the minimum system requirements, the verification of which is the exclusive responsibility of the user.
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence, is expressly excluded from any liability for direct and indirect damages of any nature caused by third parties who illegally access the Webinar courses covered by the Order due to a lack on the part of the Customer, or of the users for whom he purchased the Webinar, of caution in keeping the login and password attributed to the insufficiency of other security measures that the Customer must adopt.
Upon the occurrence of a force majeure event that would inhibit the complete use of the service, BUSINESS MANAGEMENT will promptly inform the Customer of this, keeping them informed of the prospects for regular reactivation of the Service and giving it visibility regarding the temporary provisions of immediate exercise.
The Customer undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless BUSINESS MANAGEMENT from any civil, criminal or administrative liability, losses or damages (including legal and fees) resulting from the illegal use of the Service - carried out by the Learner or third parties.

To the maximum extent permitted by any mandatory provisions of the law, BUSINESS MANAGEMENT does not provide any further guarantee, expressed or implied. In particular, BUSINESS MANAGEMENT does not guarantee that:
the Webinars provided comply with the Client's expectations or meet the specific purpose pursued by them;
the Webinars delivered work without interruption, promptly and are safe or error-free;
any errors in the software underlying the delivery of the Webinars are promptly corrected and / or removed.

Data security & #8211; The Customer undertakes to ensure that users dispose, understand and accept all the information entered on the BUSINESS MANAGEMENT website www.bamanagemente.net in order to purchase and access the Webinar, also ensuring that it is not violated in any way, directly or indirectly, no third party rights and undertakes not to enter data which has not been authorized or cannot be used as previously just regulated. The user or for him the Customer, will retain ownership of the information entered by expressly assuming any wider liability, civil and criminal, regarding the content of the aforementioned information and relieving BUSINESS MANAGEMENT of any obligation and / or burden of assessment and / or direct and indirect control in this regard.
Degree of care & #8211; The Customer is aware of the operational security regime in accessing data and course content. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT ensures the secrecy and confidentiality of the customer and individual learner data. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT ensures that such data will receive the same degree of care and protection that BUSINESS MANAGEMENT uses in relation to data, information, software and documentation inherent to your company. The user is however obliged to maintain absolute confidentiality on the logins and passwords attributed to the purchased Webinar, also taking the necessary precautions with all people who have access to each training course purchased by the Customer.

LAW D & #8217; AUTHOR
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT and the Coaches have exclusive ownership of the parts of the Platform and of the video conference platform, all included and none excluded (such as, by way of example and not limited to, logos, images, texts, contents of the courses carried out) based on the copyright law: any commercial use, total or partial reproduction or reworking, transmission in any form and in any way, without prior written authorization of BUSINESS MANAGEMENT is prohibited.

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT reserves the right to suspend the username and password of access attributed to the Customer & #8211; Learner if he considers a safety or unauthorized use problem to exist or highly probable.

The customer can withdraw from the contract within 7 days of registration and provided that he has not received the link to access the Webinar before this deadline.
Except for the cases referred to in the previous point, the Customer agrees not to have any right of withdrawal from the remote contract, also finding the application for the Customer-Consumer to apply the exception to the right of withdrawal pursuant to Art. 59, c .1 lett. o) of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n.206 and ss. mm. ii. (Consumer Code).
The Customer-consumer, in fact, with the purchase of this course in interactive online mode, consents to the provision of digital educational content through a non-material support with the express agreement and with the acceptance of the fact that this circumstance precludes any right of withdrawal.
The Customer-consumer also agrees to lose his right of withdrawal from this service as it is made completely accessible and usable by the user by sending the webinar access link electronically.
The notice of withdrawal must be received, within the terms indicated therein, under penalty of inadmissibility, by e-mail to amministrazione@businessmanagement.net
The refund request can only be accepted if the formal request is sent by email to: amministrazione@businessmanagement.net
Apart from the hypotheses mentioned above, no other case of reimbursement is allowed.

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT informs that, pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/03 ("Privacy Code") and articles 13 and 14 of the European General Data Protection Regulation, n. 2016/679 ("Regulations"), the personal data provided by the Customer will be processed with the provisions of the Privacy Code and the Regulations, for the purposes strictly connected to the execution of the Contract, with the methods described in the "Privacy" section accessible at the link https://www.bmanagement.net/privacy/
The Customer who has purchased multiple accesses, declares and guarantees that he has collected and processed the data of each Learner for the purposes set out in the "Privacy Code" and the "Regulation" and undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless the BUSINESS MANAGEMENT for any violation of a civil criminal or administrative nature that it may incur due to the Customer's behavior.

General provisions & #8211; No addition or modification to this agreement will be effective unless stipulated in writing between the Parties. The obligations and commitments arising from this agreement, which, by their nature, produce their effectiveness even after the expiration or termination of this agreement, will remain valid and effective even after that date, until they are satisfied. If any provision of this agreement is void, the remaining provisions of this agreement will still remain in force. The rules contained in this Agreement cancel and replace those of any other contract, signed by the Parties, concerning the Service covered by this agreement.
Contract Transfer & #8211; The Customer will not be able to transfer any obligation or right originating from this Agreement to third parties in the absence of written authorization from BUSINESS MANAGEMENT. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT expressly reserves the right to transfer to third parties any rights or obligations deriving from this Contract and the Customer, for this eventuality, already since d & #8217; now accepts.
Referral & #8211; For all that is not expressly provided here, reference is made to the current legislation on copyright, industrial patents.
Failure to comply with one of the obligations borne by the customer, gives BUSINESS MANAGEMENT the faculty to unilaterally terminate the contract with immediate effect, reserving the right to communicate the reason within the following 7 days, without prejudice to any possible action for recourse.
For any dispute that may arise, in relation to the matter regulated here, the Court of Naples will be exclusively competent, with the express exclusion of any other Court. Notwithstanding the foregoing, for the Customer only & #8211; direct consumer, the place of jurisdiction will be that of residence or domicile.
Pursuant to and for the purposes of articles. 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code, the clauses referred to in the points are expressly approved: Service fee; Service provision; Responsibility; Security and confidentiality; Copyright; Right of withdrawal; Information and consent to the processing of personal data; Final clauses and exclusive jurisdiction.




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